Tax Invoicing

Client Login Features

When you add any client in your Clients Section, OFFIIO system automatically creates a client login for that particular client. Say for example. when you create a new client Betanet with email id as [email protected] this email id becomes the username for client BETANET. Now user1 can login to your system and can get below features automatically.

  1. All Sale invoices.
  2. Ledgers associated with BETANET.
  3. Quotations and Service request.
  4. Various Email alerts like Invoice Creation, Quotation creation, Quotation Approval, Sales Order, Delivery Challan, Over due invoices, Service Expiry alert.

OFFIIO is designed considering a simple concept that even your clients do not have to mail you or call you for ledgers. This makes your business smooth by saving time in sharing or asking for any ledgers via email.

Vendor Login Features

Like the Client Login, vendor login is also created automatically and all the ledgers related to that vendor is available under a single or multiple contact of that particular vendor login.

Reports which are available under vendor login are

  1. Invoices provided by vendor.
  2. Payments done to the vendor.
  3. Monthly Transaction reports like due, over due, paid, unpaid invoices.

Multiple Contacts in Single Client / Vendor

OFFIIO provides you to create multiple ledgers as per your company needs. Whether it is income or expense of your company. We will explain you with a simple example where you can see how OFFIIO can strengthen your business and provides you report and future forecasts in order to concentrate on desired departments only. A beautiful tool which will help owners and/or team leaders to perform more with profits.

Say we have a company BETANET and it has only one office. Now the office has various departments. Lets say accounts department, Sales Departments and every department has its own expense.

SALES Department (Expense Ledger Lists)

  1. Petrol Expense
  2. Refreshments

Accounts Department

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