Create Invoices for Products/Services with Multiple Tax.

Tax Invoicing

What is Multiple Tax Invoicing?

Multiple Tax Invoicing means sale of goods and/or services with multiple GST rates in a single invoice is called as Multiple Tax Invoice. OFFIIO provides a simple and straight forward solution for such Tax invoices.

How it works?

Say you have 2 products or 1 product and 1 service and/or 2 services which has different tax rates applicable and you want to invoice your client the same in single invoice. The total is calculated according to the GST rates applied to each service and/or goods.

Easy to Use Solution

OFFIIO is designed to make all your daily business accounting very easy and simple. Our application backend provides you to enter the products and/or services with specific GST rates applicable for each product/service.

As mentioned above, say you have 1 Samsung Phone to sell which has GST rate applicable as 18% GST and also on the same side you have a Samsung TV which has GST rate of 28%. Now one of your client has purchased both products from you. So you can create an invoice which will have both the items in single invoice with both the GST Rates calculated accordingly.

This makes you TAX filing easy and also you can save time and above all you save Trees by printing a single invoice instead of 2 or 3 invoices in such cases.

Multi TAX Invoice Reporting

As per above example we shared, Our reporting will calculate automatically what amount of GST tax under which GST Rates is payable or receivable. No more taking calculators and wasting your precious time, apart from this as our UI is very much simple and friendly, any normal person can also create invoices.

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