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What is Service Manager?

Every business now a days provides any kind of service to the customer which are One Time, Monthly, 3 Monthly, 6 Monthly or Annually or more. OFFIIO Service Manager is specially designed for those kind of services.

Say for example, your company deals in Maintenance services to your client, and you are providing 3 monthly services to your client. So OFFIIO will allow you to create a Service for that particular client and will create the same service under clients account. And once you define start and end date the system will create invoices accordingly.

Active Services can be invoiced automatically on particular date or month and this will solve all your recurring invoice creations. As it fully works on what services are active there is no need to manage and/or cancel invoices like any other billing systems in market.

Working Example

Say your client is Betanet Consultancy, and your company is providing Website Maintenance service to Betanet with terms of 3 month billing. So in OFFIIO you can navigate to Service Manager, and crate a new service called Website Management for, once service is created you can mention the details related to this service and publish/active the service. Once service is active, System will ask you to enter the service start date and service end date, you can mention the respective tenure and than select billing period to 1 month or 3 month. In our scenario, our start date is Say 1st September 2022 to 31st August 2023. An annual service is created and activated. Now under billing you can specify the Automatic invoice creation date as 15th of August 2022 and billing cycle = 3 months, so now on 15th November system will automatically create a new invoice for Website Maintenance for Betanet.

OFFIIO Service Manager is the simplest, easiest and Smartest platform to manage services for your clients. Also it sends alerts to your clients when service is going to expire and in case if service is cancelled from admin side OFFIIO will not create invoice in next upcoming tenure.

Integration with Payment Gateways

Service invoices can be integrated with Payment Gateways like PayPalRazorPAYStripe etc and system will automatically send payment links to your client. And once client pays, system will make it as paid invoices. for more details visit PAYMENT GATEWAY INTEGRATIONS

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