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Managing Stocks was never so easy.

The biggest headache in managing stock specially when you use an offline system like tally desktop addition or other application was that to be dependent on a single user and/or a computer. The issue with desktop application is that you are dependent on a single machine or user within premises and you can not run your business or store when you are not in office and or any other technical issues.

OFFIIO is a complete web based platform which can connect you from any where without a computer also. OFFIIO is 100% responsive platform so you can manage it from mobile(yes till we launch our mobile app). You can take purchase inward and your stocks are managed accordingly. So even if your procurement department and sales department are sharing different locations than there wont be any delay in selling the products and/or committing client the exact stock availability for respective products/goods, along with its serial number, Warranty, Expiry date(if any).

OFFIIO E-commerce Feature

OFFIIO development team is testing the e-commerce module also which will make your business a complete e-commerce platform for your clients, which will bring more direct business.

We have designed stock management in such a way that it allows you to decide whether you want to sell the product online on ecommerce platform or not. A single click can make your product available online. Apart form this, our Smart Notification System also offers alerts for low stock threshold, new order, new inquiry etc. For more you can visit OFFIIO Smart Notification System.

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